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Over The Garden Wall

by The Blasting Company

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Led through the mist by the milk light of moon All what was lost is revealed Our long bygone burdens, mere echoes of the spring But where have we come? and where shall we end? If dreams can’t come true, then why not pretend? How the Gentle Wind Beckons through the leaves as autumn colors fall... Dancing in a swirl of golden memories the loveliest lies of all
O hie thee forth o’er golden mead Yon is the maypole set A ribbon to wind thy soul And to bind love to thy breast From flesh removed our chalk footfall Tempers this holy ground Where timeless spirits meet Round the heart of Pottsfield town
Among the fields of straw and stover clocked in 'till the work day’s over Time’s a gentle stream longer than it seems Patient is the night How I long to see her face now her starry, moonlit gaze now I know she's never late still anxiously I wait Patient is the night
Oh, we're going to the pasture to meet Adelaide and ask her if she has a way to send us back where we came from I don't know who she is or how she is or when, what, why she is but as for where she is, she is where we will go to Adelaide! Adelaide! C'mon and join the Adelaide Parade Adelaide! to Adelaide! Let’s go to Adelaide's house today!
A is for the apple that he gave to me but I found a worm inside B is for beloved that I called to him before he left my side And C, see what he did, that's D did it to poor old me, how could I be such an E-motional Fool? (F!) G is for the gentleman I thought he was, when he first said Hi (H-I) J is for the joker that is Jimmy B. the man who made me cry (that's a C) And K, well you know it's just not OK To kiss and then run away, leaving alone without leaving a letter for Langtree M is for the misery he left me N Never to return again O, what a poor, P, fool I've been Queuing in line for him And R, are you the one for me? YeS--Say you'll come back to me Why are you tempted to T-ease me? You (Y, not U) have got to understand, the Value of a woman's heart, V! Why (W not Y) did you think it was fine to X me from the start? And Y, yes why, is the question that's on my mind Oh why, why did you leave me right before reaching our Z-enith? 1 is the number of men I've loved and 2 is for the times I'll say it's you, it's you! 3 is the number of days you've been gone, but it feels like 4 times 2 8, at the hour the sun goes down I remember life with you around I wish I had 9 lives like that one!
Oh, Potatoes and Molasses! If you want some, oh just ask us There're warm and soft like puppies and socks filled with cream and candy rocks Oh, Potatoes and Molasses! They're so much sweeter than algebra class If your stomach is grumbling and your mouth starts mumbling there's only one thing to keep your brain from crumbling Oh, Potatoes and Molasses! If you can't see 'em put on your glasses They're shiny and large like a fisherman's barge you know you've had enough when you start seeing stars Oh, Potatoes and Molasses! It's the only thing left on your task list They're short and stout they'll make everyone shout for Potatoes and Molasses!
He lurks out there in the unknown Seeking those who are far from home Hoping to never let you return Ooo, better beware Ooo, the beast is out there Ooo, better be wise And don’t believe his lies For once your will begins to spoil He’ll turn you to a tree of oil And use you in his lantern for to burn
I’m the Highwayman I make ends meet, just like any man I work with my hands… I’ll knock you out Drive you off the road steal your shoes from off your feet I’m the Highwayman and I make ends meet
Write a loving letter, boy, that swoops and sweeps and curls the calligrapher is just the thing to help you win your girl Then you’ll need to dress up smart The tailor’s here by chance He’ll stitch your trousers, hole your belt in the fine couture of France Your shoes, my goodness, how they’re worn But you’re too young to know Nothing courts a woman’s scorn more than scuffs on the toe The cobbler can attend to that meanwhile you must have cake The baker and the patissier need work, for goodness sake Hi-dee-diddly-dum-ti-dum-ti-day What a merry time we’ll have upon your wedding day! Hi-dee-diddly-dum-ti-dum-ti-day There’s work for all when little boys get married That pointy cone upon your head you can’t be wearing that The milliner, he’ll fix you up with a proper high silk hat The bride, of course, she’ll need a dress on that we must agree The seamstress, my young lover oh, how grateful she will be! The rings! By gum, did I forget? well, that’s my favorite part The vows, the whole romantic mess now that’s the jeweler’s art! And so, you see, our handiwork is yours if you’re inclined But our livelihood’s at stake so don’t you go and change your mind Hi-dee-diddly-dum-ti-dum-ti-day What a merry time we’ll have upon your wedding day! Hi-dee-diddly-dum-ti-dum-ti-day There’s work for all! The little boy’s gettin’ married
At night when the lake is a mirror and the moon rides the waves to the shore a single soul sets his voice singing content to be slightly forlorn A song rises over the lilies Sweeps high to clear over the reeds and over the bulrushes’ swaying To pluck at a pair of heart strings Two voices, now, they are singing Then ten as the melody soars Round the shimmering pond all are joining in song as it carries their reverie on Over the treetops and mountains Over the blackened ravines Then softly it falls by house near a stream and Over the Garden Wall… to thee
I never dreamed that there’d come a day When I’d find myself far from your arms Now that I am, I can hardly stand Not to be near your sweet Southern charms Send me a peach from old Georgia Down where the Savannah flows If I could have one bite of Georgia I would feel right here at home I miss the shady old lanes there walking with you by my side just send me one peach from Georgia Just so I know you’ll be mine I hope that you won’t forget me before my road leads back to you Though the winter may bring the whole world to it’s knees the Spring shall return with its fruit The wind here is ready for winter It seems to turn everything blue So just send me one little peach Just a sweet sunny piece of you
Here we are The two of us Like ships upon a winding river And yet somehow We found each other Like strangers, you and I
Oh yea, that Old North Wind He starts to howl Puffs up, unfurls his brow Now, now, you’d better take cover Lock up those doors and close the shutters I say, the Old North Wind, yes he is He’s gonna fight, he’s gonna spin He’s gonna pull back and blow a little more until you can’t tell what you came here for Oh yea, that Old North Wind, yes, indeed He’s gonna breathe and breathe He’s gonna blow till you can’t feel no more
Forward, cherubs Hear the song a child’s wishes call us on Descend! Descend! ‘ere he ‘scapes, for dreams our winged wind hath made For only beneath the veil of sleep can we Oneiroi act on men
The angels have gone the songs have gone silent You're sinkin’ like a stone before the tide The river runs cold, the fight is over still the haunted ruins of night call your name
I wish that I was a shadow I’d never leave your side And oh, on the moonless nights I would never hide Your eyes are a thousand times Deeper than the sky And I am a tiny star Falling for all time When you are gone the earth will moan And swallow me inside But no, I will follow you Far into the night Your eyes are a thousand times Deeper than the sky And I am a tiny star Falling for all time
There’s an old black train a’comin’ Scraping long the iron You don’t need no ticket, boys It’ll take you when it’s time Come on now, young strangers Weren’t you someone’s son? How’d you find this depot ‘cause it ain’t where you belong You will pass a graveyard Stones worn by the years The train’ll stop a minute But don’t let it leave you here The coachman is my brother The engineer’s my friend They’ll get you more acquainted by the time you reach the end This journey is a long one It’ll take you all around Life rushing by your window Before it lays you down Now, where this old train’s going You can’t come back from You can leave your baggage here Because we’ll need it when you’re gone
Come, wayward souls and wander through the darkness There is a light, for the lost and the meek Sorrow and fear are easily forgotten when you submit to the soil of the earth Grow, tiny seed You are called to the trees Rise till your leaves fill the sky until your sighs fill the air in the night Lift your mighty limbs and give praise to the fire
O Potatus et Molassus Si Velis eis quaere a nobis Lenes et caldi valuti catuli Pleni cum petri dulcibus O Potatus et Molassus Si Velis eis quaere a nobis Lenes et caldi valuti catuli Potatus et Molasus
One is a bird Two are the trees Three is the wind in the leaves Four are the stars Five with the moon Smiling down upon thee Six are the fish Seven the reeds Brushing the soft bellied breeze Eight are the roots Firm in the ground Deep as my love is for thee


Mondo are proud to present the premiere release of the masterful soundtrack to Cartoon Network's first ever animated mini-series Over The Garden Wall.

Composed and performed by The Blasting Company (Brandon Armstrong, Joshua Kaufman, Justin Rubenstein) Over The Garden Wall is a one of a kind experience. Created by Patrick McHale, it tells the story of two brothers named Wirt and Greggory (voiced by Elijah Wood & Collin Dean) on a mysterious Dante-esque journey home through a world known only as "The Unknown": a place filled with colorful characters and incredible musical interludes, all of which are captured on this comprehensive soundtrack release.

Produced by the composers themselves, this album features 32 tracks (Plus we have an extra 8 bonus tracks for this digital release), a mix of song and score from the mini-series. This release is essential for fans of the show... and that's a Rock Fact!


released September 22, 2017

Produced & Recorded by The Blasting Company (Brandon Armstrong, Joshua Kaufman, Justin Rubenstein)
Mixed by Oz Fritz at High Velocity Sound
Mastered by Tom Rogers at Atomix Studios

Special heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this music possible, particularly: our families, Patrick McHale, the musicians and engineers, the folk musicians and composers who inspire us, the OTGW vocal talent, Cartoon Network & their Friday Afternoon BBQs, air conditioning & Jumbo Market.



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